Window Motorization

Motorizing your window treatments for your business or home can create a much more comfortable life, while also saving energy and lowering your utility bills. Basically Blinds offers motorization options for blinds, shades, shutters and draperies. These options can be controlled by remote control, wall switches, cell phone apps or any other home automation.

At Basically Blinds, we work with you to analyze your window covering needs, offer design and color consulting, and provide professional installation, to provide you the perfect fit for your home or office. We take pride in the quality of our custom blinds and shutters.

Why motorization? Recently a local car dealership, Lake Ford, requested to have their blinds be controlled using a sun sensor. When the sun is exposed to the window at a particular time of day, the blind operates independently to open and close when needed. No manual operation is required by their staff. This is just one example of motorization uses.

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