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Custom Fabric Design

At Basically Blinds, we assist in customizing your rooms with many different fabric enhancements. Complete the mood of your room with custom designed pillows, cushions, table linens, bedding, and more.

For the dining experience, we design table runners, placemats, and napkins to fit any d├ęcor. For the bedroom, we offer upholstered headboards, along with duvet covers, dust ruffles, and pillow shams. Our custom pillows can enhance your existing furniture or newly added pieces. We also create custom bench seats, window seats, and we customize cushions for areas in need.

Our designer will walk you through this process to help you achieve the perfect finished look. Everything to coordinate with your existing color schemes or with new as well. Call us for your free consultation.

custom fabric pillow design
1 0 Drapery designed by Wendy Stuck using coffee bean bags
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0 0 Drapery tie back design by Wendy Stuck
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0 0 No description.
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0 0 No description.
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0 0 These are only $80.00 per pair plus shipping. Contact Wendy Stuck 717-543-6388 to place your order.
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